One to One Personal Training
£35 p/hour

Involving my expert knowledge to construct our plan together, taking into consideration every factor, such as age, competence and availability to exactly meet your needs. Within our sessions we will cover a huge variety of training regimes, my philosophy is to never repeat the same workout, this approach retains the passion for training and is how I personally have always trained. My philosophy is to train hard, train safe and most of all feel genuine satisfaction at the end.

Simplicity is the key to success, I keep my base rate at £35 for the hour with discounts available for bigger bookings.

Group Personal Training
£35 p/hour

If you would to prefer to train with a friend or partner and share the cost, its more economical and can give a huge surge of competition. Once again I use my expert knowledge to build a plan for the group which will cater to all abilities and goals.

Personally I train a lot of couples I think this is a great way to bond and encourage each other in a totally new aspect of your lives, the cost is £35 for the hour with discounts available for bigger bookings.

Bespoke Online Training Plan
£40 - 6 week plan

This 3 day split training program is no template and each phase will last 6 weeks, following a 15 minute phone consultation I will construct a training program to meet your exact needs. And with my comprehensive guide of exercise videos you will be able to watch how to perform the exercise with precision and correct form.

All you need to do is click on the enquire button below and fill out the simple form, I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange our 15 minute phone consultation.

Bespoke Online Nutrition Plan
£40 - 6 week plan

With my body building experience, I am no stranger to dieting down to substantially low body fat levels. When I performed a body fat test prior to competition I was sat at 4% body fat and during the off season never drift above 10%.

With this knowledge I will be able to Taylor a bespoke program to meet your exact needs, with a short a phone consultation and a 3 day sample of your regular lifestyle I will manufacture a diet to keep your lifestyle interesting and meet your exact goals be it gaining muscle and decreasing body fat, or if you would just love to increase your vitality and well being, whatever your goal I can meet any of your needs.

Bespoke Online Nutrition & Training Plan
£70 - 6 week plan

You can also purchase a combination of the above services, a 6 week personal training program that will give you a 3 day split gym routine and also a tailored diet plan complementing you training.